November 16, 2020


So you lost your drone and your drone and you’re trying to figure out, “how the heck do I find this thing!?!”

Well don’t you worry, because I just went through the same thing after filming a engagement shoot. And trust, I was lowkey scared I was gonna have to buy a new one. Now, I only have a DJI Spark, but sheit is still expensive! That’s time, resources and money baby! And we’re not tryna have that! I was frantically trying to locate it with the map on my DJI flight screen and it seriously was useless. I couldn’t for the life of me find it until I found this video.

Sooo after a little searching online and our good ole pal YouTube. I found out how you can locate your drone with out any extra software or gadgets. Yes I saw videos on those too and I was like, “NO, BISH! I NEED IT NOW!” But I found a video! Soooooo to save your but like it saved mine here’s what you gotta do. This should work with any drone that saves the flight history. It may be different with different drone manufactures, but it should work if you can find the coordinates. This worked for my DJI Spark. All you have to do locate the coordinates of where your drone crashed!


  • Lose/Crash your done somewhere you can find it (this is important, oooor you won’t need my help lol)
  • Go into your Flight app
    • If you’re using an DJI Drone, you would likely be using the DJI Go 4 app
  • Click on your Profile
    • If you’re using an DJI Drone, this would be the last tab on the bottom right hand corner that says, “Me”
  • Click on the tab called “Flight Record”
    • If you’re using an DJI Drone, this would be the third tab going down the screen
  • Click on the tab called “Flight Record” (Show flight record on app)
    • If you’re using an DJI Drone, this would be the third tab going down the screen
  • Pull up the Flight list at the bottom of the screen
  • Locate your most recent/last flight
  • Drag the tracker all the way to the end to locate the ending coordinates
    • Make a note of the the ending coordinates so you can use this later
  • Open Google Maps
  • Enter the ending coordinates that you took a note of.
  • And now you can locate your Drone!
    • PRO TIP: Zoom into the screen so you can see the tracker on your phone moving around towards whatever your lost drone is. If you’re too zoomed out it won’t look like you’re going anywhere. This helped me soooooo much.
    • Be prepared to get dirty if you’re in a crazy area.

Annnnnd that’s it! I hope this helps you find your drone without any other extra software and gadgets. This saved my life and I can’t tell you how happy I was. I legit felt my heart drop when I thought I had lost my drone, but when I found it, it was like I was reborn again. I was trucking through the trees and mud just to find mine. You also might have to keep a sharp eye because I also totally overlooked where it landed when it was right in front of my face once I got close to the marker. Keep you’re head up and you can do it!

Again, I hope this one tip to enter your coordinates into google to locate your lost drone helps you. If you’ve ever experienced this, I’d love to know your story and how you found it!

Air hugs!
– Kris!

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