September 3, 2021

Hey there lovebirds, it’s your favorite wedding videographer from Northwest America! I’m thrilled to share the story of this adorable couple, who despite not having a “meet-cute” story, ended up being inseparable. They had mutual friends who introduced them, but it took them two years to finally admit their feelings for each other. They hung out almost every weekend, and everyone knew they liked each other, except for them! Can you believe it? Eventually, they confessed their love and have been going strong ever since. And now, they have a beautiful son and a wedding on the horizon!

Their first official date was at Asiana Gardens, and while they’re self-proclaimed homebodies, they love going on any date together. When it comes to the perfect date night, dinner and a walk by the docks followed by a cozy movie night in bed with snacks is the way to go.

Let’s fast forward to the engagement, shall we? It was July 4th, and they were having a gender reveal party for their first child. The plan was for Eric to throw a football at a white sheet on a wall, revealing the gender. It turned out they were having a boy, which was a big surprise to them both. As they were all standing around celebrating, Rena’s brother hugged her a little tighter and longer than usual, and when she turned around, Eric was on one knee, asking her to marry him! It was two surprises in one, and they both shed tears of joy.

As for their favorites, they both love walks, movies, and food (who doesn’t?), and Eric’s favorite drink is blue Gatorade Corona, while Rena loves triple x vitamin water or a fruity mixed drink. They also have favorite animals, with Eric loving lions and Rena loving sea turtles.

To all the brides out there, Rena’s perfect night with the girls includes catching up over a meal. And to all the grooms, Eric’s perfect night with the guys involves lots of laughs and beer. And when it comes to describing themselves as a couple, they are fun-loving and outgoing.

Eric works in construction, while Rena is a CNA/Medical Assistant. And of course, Rena took Eric’s last name when they tied the knot!

I had so much fun sharing this love story with you all, and I hope it gave you some inspiration for your own love story. And if you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Northwest America, look no further! Let’s capture your love story together.

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