January 22, 2022

‘m a wedding/elopement filmmaker and YouTuber who believes giving a damn showing up for each other. I’m excited you’re here, have fun exploring the resources I’ve created for you!

Planning a wedding/elopement can be overwhelming. Who do you call first? What information do you need? What is the easiest order for planning? I’ve put together my top 5 suggested vendors types that you should reach out to first for your dream wedding/elopement!


Locking in your venue/location is the most important vendor to book because it finalizes your wedding date! When booking/contacting your other vendors, it’s important to have this information most vendors will not sign a contract with you until you’ve chosen a venue and a date. Some venues offer amazing add-ons from services like in-house catering to your wedding planner. Some locations may require you to obtain some sort of license. The type of venue/location you choose can essentially also help you determine what other vendors you may or may not need for your special day. These details will help you figure out what vendors you’d like to team up with to make your wedding dreams become a reality!


The next fastest vendor to book out is the photographer. After you’ve chosen your venue and have your date locked in, I highly suggest you start thinking about the type of coverage you’d like for your wedding/elopement day. Are you have a large traditional wedding, 150+ guests? Are you having a small intimate elopement with some of your closest loved ones? Are you planning an adventure elopement to say your vows on the peak of a mountain? Each wedding/elopement scenario requires a different amount of coverage, most ranging from 2-10 hrs. Thinking of these questions will help you figure out the amount of coverage you’ll need from your photographer!


If your photographer books the next fastest after the venue, snagging your videographer generally comes right after that! Your Videographers coverage will generally mirror the same amount as your photographer. Due to the nature of creating these beautiful wedding/elopement film timepieces, wedding filmmakers tend to take on less couples to make sure we’re giving each couple our undivided attention to tell your unique love story. I would recommend thinking about what kind of story do you want to tell. Do you want your vows and speeches captured? Are you eloping in the mountains and want to remember the vast landscapes with some drone footage? Thinking about these elements is essential truly capturing and telling your love story just as it should be. BONUS – find a videographer/photographer that you can vibe with! You never know- we could all become amazing friends!


Let’s face it most peoples’ favorite part about wedding’s is the food and people need to eat! Whether it’s just desserts, some appetizers or the full course meal, it’s important to lock in your favorite foods asap for your wedding day! There are lots of fun alternatives for weddings now from food trucks to buffet’s prepared with love by your family. You completely customize your food experience for yourself and your guests.

planner/ coordinator

Whoever you choose, they will be YOUR right-hand man/woman/team. It might sound crazy but having a day-of coordinator or wedding planner will seriously save you an invaluable amount of stress and time on your wedding day to make all your dreams come true. Now this could be an experienced professional or even your mother, sister, friend, whoever! The key is finding a coordinator with experience, knowledge and know-how for all of the variables of a wedding day is key to making sure your day runs smoothly and avoid any unnecessary hiccups along the way. If you’re searching for one in Alaska, I know a few amazing coordinators I can send your way!

I’ve spent a lot of time with some incredible vendor teams. I’ve put a list together of my FAVORITE people to work with and I think you’ll like them too. Check them out over here and be sure to tell them Krista from Sorril Media sent you ????

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