November 25, 2023

In the heart of Minnesota, Jake and Haley’s love story began. It was during Lake City’s “Water Ski Days” that their paths crossed, an unexpected meeting that would set the stage for a journey into forever.

Picture the scene: a bustling crowd, a lost girl named Haley, and there he was—Jake, hands waving like a beacon in the midst of the chaos. Destiny had a plan, and in that small town, fate played its part in bringing them together.

Fast forward to a romantic escapade in Hawaii. Leis, family photos, and a second lei hidden by Jake for a surprise proposal. Tears flowed, love bloomed, and a family dinner celebrated the promise of forever beneath the Hawaiian sun.

Back in Rochester, MN, amidst the hustle and bustle of life, Jake and Haley found solace in each other’s company. An extravagant date night at CRAVE became a celebration of their hard work, laughter, and the simple joy of being together. Living in a house filled with roommates, these stolen moments became treasures, laying the foundation for a love that would weather any storm.

Their engagement session unfolded against the dramatic backdrop of Perseverance Trail in Juneau. A torrential rainstorm couldn’t dampen their spirits as they played tag, exploring the woods and mountains, their laughter echoing through the raindrops. Soaked to the bone, they emerged like characters from a romance novel, proving that love shines brightest in the midst of life’s storms.

The UAS Pavilion, a wooden haven with mountains as witnesses, became the sacred stage for their vows. The atmosphere was light, filled with laughter and love. Haley shared heartfelt moments with her brother, father, and finally, Jake. Despite Jake’s family being unable to attend, Haley surprised him with letters from absent loved ones, weaving their presence into the fabric of the day.

Haley’s mom, a floral magician, crafted the flower arrangements, infusing the day with the scent of love. Smores, simple yet delightful, served as party favors, adding a sweet touch to a day already brimming with warmth. Chuck Vankirk’s creation, a testament to family bonds, added a personal touch that elevated the celebration to a masterpiece of love.

A hot, sunny day in Juneau unfolded as the sun glistened on the ocean. With a high of 75 degrees, the weather painted a perfect backdrop as they charted a course to the lodge. A charter boat journey, filled with the promise of forever, carried them towards the next chapter of their adventure.

As a wedding filmmaker, capturing love stories is a routine affair, but Jake and Haley’s tale stood out. Their vows echoed with a profound sense of love and infatuation, a testament to the safety and home they found in each other. Love, unity, and the joining of two families resonated in every frame, proving that amidst the grandeur of Alaska, the real adventure was the journey of becoming one.

And just like that, Jake and Haley’s love story, filled with laughter, tears, and a whole lot of adventure, became a timeless tale written in the Alaskan skies.

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