Love on Top: Julie + Eli’s Magical Mountain Wedding

January 13, 2024

In the heart of Washington, Julie and Eli shared a love story that reached new heights, quite literally, on Crystal Mountain. With the majestic Mount Rainier as their witness, their adventure wedding was nothing short of a fairytale.

Where Dreams Meet Reality

Imagine saying “I do” on top of a mountain with 360-degree views of Mount Rainier. That’s exactly what Julie + Eli did. Crystal Mountain, a ski resort turned wedding wonderland, welcomed them with open arms. The ceremony, reached by a gondola ride, felt like stepping into a dream. The Summit House, perched at 6,872 feet, offered both a cozy indoor setting and a patio with the most spectacular view of Mount Rainier.

A Hike to Forever

Eli’s proposal was an adventure in itself. A hike up Highrock Lookout Point, a breathtaking view, and a surprise proposal left Julie breathless. In the midst of mountains and sunshine, Eli popped the question, creating a memory as unforgettable as the landscape that surrounded them.

From Texts to Forever

Their love story started with texts and FaceTime calls, turning a long-distance connection into a forever bond. Julie met Eli during a visit to Seattle, and what began as a chance encounter turned into a love story for the ages. Their first date involved ramen at home, and a decision to extend her stay changed the course of their lives. A cooking class at Sur La Table marked the beginning of many shared adventures during the pandemic.

A Perfect Blend

Julie and Eli are a perfect mix of adventure, romance, and shared passions. They describe themselves as outdoorsy, adventurous, and music lovers. From cozy game nights to chill evenings spent cooking together, their love is a beautiful blend of fun, romance, and quiet moments. Their shared love for dogs brought furry companions into their lives, adding an extra layer of joy to their journey.

Love Conquers the Wind

Despite a chilly wind, the 360-degree view of Mount Rainier set the stage for an intimate ceremony. With less than 100 of their closest friends and family, cheers echoed as Julie + Eli took their first steps as a married couple. The evening unfolded with laughter, words of wisdom, and dancing under the setting sun.

Handmade Elegance

Eli’s creative touch as a graphic designer added a personal flair to their wedding. Handmade menus, invitations, and signage showcased their love story with elegance and modern simplicity.

Nature’s Symphony of Love

The wind and chill added a touch of drama to the day, but as the sun peeked through the clouds, it brought warmth and magic. Highs of 70 degrees and lows of 52 degrees created a weather symphony, making their love story even more memorable.

Cherishing the Moments that Matter

In creating this video, my goal was to capture the love and playfulness of your love story. Sometimes, it’s not about capturing every second but cherishing those moments that truly matter. Your love story speaks to the simplicity of knowing when you’ve found ‘the one.’ Here’s to a future filled with love, adventure, and countless more beautiful moments.

Julie + Eli’s mountain wedding on Crystal Mountain was a love story painted against the backdrop of nature’s grandeur. As the sun set behind Mount Rainier, their love unfolded like a dream, leaving us with memories that will forever be etched in the heights of Washington’s mountains.

videographer: @sorrilmedia
photographer: @sofiaephoto
venue: Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

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