You Can Be My It Girl | An Unforgetable Seattle Wedding

May 22, 2024

Hey friends! I’m so excited to share the story of CJ and Ashley’s wedding day with you all. As a Seattle wedding videographer specializing in adventure elopements and epic weddings, getting to capture their big day was an absolute thrill as a documentary wedding videographer. Their love story is one for the books, and their wedding was nothing short of amazing.

How It All Began: From the Zoo to Forever

Their journey began in high school, blossoming into a friendship that stood the test of time. Fast forward to a chance meeting at a wedding, where CJ and Ashley’s connection was so palpable that your Seattle wedding videographer couldn’t help but be drawn into the magic. It was a story of best friends turned life partners, a narrative that resonates with engaged couples searching for not just a wedding videographer but storytellers who understand the depth of love.

CJ and Ashley’s journey started way back in 2009 when they were both part of Ashley’s cousin Kristelle’s debut entourage. They hit it off, but it wasn’t until 2011 that they had their first official date at Woodland Park Zoo, a place that would become a cherished spot in their relationship. They started dating on October 12, 2020, and their connection has been growing stronger ever since. Their perfect date nights? Any alone time without their baby, Elara, which is super relatable for any parents out there!

Fast forward to October 2022, CJ popped the big question in the most fitting way—at a photobooth in Woodland Park Zoo! The proposal, set against the picturesque backdrop of Woodland Park Zoo, marked the beginning of a new chapter. With a beautiful baby girl in tow, CJ and Ashley’s story became one of family, love, and commitment. It was such a sweet and memorable proposal, perfectly capturing their love story in one of their favorite places. They didn’t cry, but the joy was palpable.

The Big Day: Elegance Meets Tradition

Nestled in the heart of Seattle, St. Benedict Catholic Church set the stage for a ceremony surrounded by loved ones, immortalized by the lens of your trusted Seattle wedding videographer. The reception at the Embassy Suites by Hilton on King Street, a hallmark of luxury, boasted a ballroom adorned with crystals and captivating views. Your traveling videographer was there to document every detail of this opulent celebration.

November 4, 2023, was the day CJ and Ashley made it official at St. Benedict Catholic Church in Seattle, WA. Their wedding was an elegant affair, blending traditional Filipino and Catholic elements with their personal touches. With 400 guests, the day was big but still filled with intimate moments that made it so special.

The bridal party was a lively bunch with six bridesmaids, one maid of honor, one matron of honor, seven groomsmen, and one best man. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and a lot of support from their closest friends and family.

The weather, a blend of rain and shine, became a metaphor for life’s journey. High winds added drama to Ashley’s dress, creating stunning visuals for your destination wedding videographer. The celebration continued, and the sun shining through became a symbol of hope and enduring love.

Special Highlights and Fun Details

Beyond the love, CJ and Ashley share a passion for food and creativity. As founders of a catering company and a wedding and event planning business named Elara, after their daughter, they are a testament to the power of shared dreams. Your traveling videographer captured not just a wedding but a journey of entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to creating memorable experiences.

One of the most memorable moments for me was the performances. Ashley danced for CJ, and CJ sang a remix of the song, “It girl” by Jason Darulo that he created for her back when they were high school sweethearts. It added a real personal element to their story, making it feel like everything had come full circle.

CJ and Ashley had a unique request for their wedding video: they wanted to use Sarah Geronimo’s song “I Just Fall in Love Again.” It was part of a TikTok trend where the groom’s reaction to the bride walking in is captured perfectly. I loved the idea and decided to run with it. I remixed the song with one of my favorite quotes from the movie “Meet Joe Black” by Anthony Hopkins, which I think tied the film together seamlessly.

Their background as wedding planners really showed in how they organized the day. There were so many activities and entertainment, all decked out with fancy decor, food, party favors, and more. Everything was incredibly well-organized, making it a smooth and enjoyable day for everyone involved.

A funny moment happened during what was supposed to be their “first touch.” Ashley kept asking CJ to look at her, wanting him to see her before the ceremony, but CJ was adamant about keeping the surprise and tradition. It was a sweet and endearing moment that added a unique touch to their story.

One of the highlights of the day was definitely the same-day edit that we played at the end of the reception. CJ and Ashley absolutely loved the film. They kept telling me I should offer this as an add-on service for other couples, and it’s definitely something I’m considering for the future.

The wedding day unfolded like a symphony. From a first look with their daughter to emotional moments with family, every note was captured with precision. The atmosphere, filled with laughter and joy, echoed the essence of luxury—a theme woven seamlessly into the couple’s love story.

The Dream Team of Vendors

We couldn’t have pulled off such a fantastic day without the incredible team of vendors:

Advice for Future Couples

Planning a wedding can be stressful, even for pros like CJ and Ashley. Their top advice? “Hire a wedding planner.” Their company, Elara Events/LittleBigsEvents, does an incredible job and can help make your big day just as epic.

Final Thoughts

Capturing CJ and Ashley’s wedding was an absolute honor. Their love story, filled with fun, laughter, and lots of food (they’re big foodies!), was truly inspiring. In the end, CJ and Ashley’s wedding was more than an event—it was a luxurious adventure through time, beautifully immortalized by Seattle’s finest wedding videographers. For engaged couples seeking a narrative that intertwines love, luxury, and the unique beauty of the Pacific Northwest, their story stands as an invitation to embark on a journey of love captured by none other than the most trusted aerial videographers in the region.

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